Hi, I'm a creative designer searching for new ways to bring my work into the world

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My name is Susi Fennell and I am a copywriter, video editor, and creative designer.
I love bringing my ideas to life in creative ways.
My goal is to improve my skills and put them to good use.
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By designing advertisement designs and using prompts, I have created some copywriting examples.

National Geographic Poster Idea

Vegan KFC Prompt

Ryanair Prompt

Mosquito Ad Idea

Word Tonic Prompt

Word Tonic Prompt

Allergy Awareness Ideas

Company Task

One Minute Briefs

National Geographic

No prompt. I came up with this advertisement idea and made it in Canva.

Vegan KFC Prompt

Prompt: Create an ad for Vegan KFC nuggets.

Ryanair Memes

Prompt: Create a social ad promoting an airline called Ryanair in a fun, gen-z tone of voice - similiar to how they market themselves on social media.
They have an unhinged Instagram account and are a low budget airline in England.

Mosquito Ad

No prompt. I got bitten by a mosquito and came up with this idea.

Chapstick Ad

Prompt: Write up to 10 (very creative) headlines to promote a tube of Strawberry ChapStick.

Allergy Awareness Posters

No prompt. I was bored and came up with these "awareness posters" intended for children in school.

Mobile Game Ads

As a task for a mobile game company, I was asked to create three copies for a sale. By adhering to a strict guideline, I designed these three advertisements.

McDonald's Spongebob Ad

Prompt: Create a one-page ad promoting McDonald's, but you have to somehow use Spongebob Squarepants in it.

Exaggerated Ads

Prompt: Create posters to advertise ANY product in ridiculously exaggerated ways.

Concept Design

Sometimes, when I come up with product ideas, I create visual concepts for them.

Pride Scoops

An ice cream company concept that specializes in pride flag-coloured ice cream tubs.

Beginning concepts and ideas

Venn diagram for points of reference. Common terms seemed to be the key to marketing this product.

Logo designs

Advertisement concepts

Published Work

Besides copywriting, here are some works that I have published online.

Published Writing

As writing has been a passion of mine for the majority of my lifetime, I have developed my own style to express the stories I wish to tell.I am familiar with the structures of many forms of writing, and can adapt and improve my works efficiently.I also edit and proofread my pieces and am able to do the same for other authors.

Type: Article
A guideline for setting your creative resume apart from others through avoiding certain cliches and paying closer attention to the finer details.
This article is added in the tips hub of Word Tonic.

Type: Article
Dating and relationship advice written in five steps.

Type: Article
A writing concept that I was interested in exploring.

Type: Creative Writing
Using detailed descriptions of body language and emotion to portray what the character is experiencing.

Type: Article
By adhering to a guideline, this article fulfilled all requirements in taking information from a website and creating an article from it.

Published Videos

Through video editing, I have created some content that has been uploaded to YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

I was asked by the founder of Word Tonic to condense a 50-minute long masterclass recording into a 59-second long Instagram reel.

A short video I made with the prompt 'being sick and tired of getting rejected for copywriter positions.'

After applying to a copywriting position, I had received the request to introduce myself and my personality through a video.

Back in high school, an assignment was to promote kindness through a simple act. I decided to create a video about 'making people laugh'.

An assignment in high school was to read a book, then create a summary of it.

A small, passion-driven animation I had created.

Online Presence

Through creating websites and social media profiles, I have established an online presence on multiple platforms.

A website intended to prevent boredom and educate anyone who comes across it.
I had also created Instagram and Twitter profiles for this website.

Through Instagram, I upload my photography to a dedicated profile. I enjoy mixing photos with digital art.


If you like my work, feel free to reach out to me.
Thank you again for reading my portfolio and considering me for any job opportunity.